Organic farming is essential for a sustainable way of life. Bloom's mission is to spread the ideals of organic farming and to promote organic produce world wide.

We spread organic farming by serving the WWOOF community with modern websites that help WWOOF country coordinators facilitate meetings between WWOOFers and hosts.

The WWOOF countries and organizations that are using Bloom websites are:
Independent, Sweden, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Caribbean, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Togo, Serbia, Thailand and Benin.

Are you interested in using a Bloom website for your WWOOF organisation? Get in touch with us and we will tell you more.

The Bloom Team

Arvid Jakobsson
Developer & Support

Fredrik Larsson

Jonas Corné
Leader & Administration

History of Bloom

It is a story of serendipity. Jonas met the Swedish WWOOF coordinator Jandi Hallin in 2007. They were taking the same course in accounting. Jandi to learn accounting for WWOOF and Jonas to learn accounting for a newly started web agency Gluteus. They got to speaking and had a lot in common. Jonas was fascinated by Jandi's story of WWOOF. Gluteus developed the Swedish WWOOF website that has since undergone many revisions. Today - Arvid, Fredrik and Jonas are making WWOOF websites and call themselves Bloom.